Student image to be cultivated

Acquire stance that accepts and proactively tries to understand other cultures as a necessity to live in international society, and support students' efforts to improve their English proficiency as an indispensable tool for that. Also, fostering students that correctly understand Japanese culture and traditions, proactively convey such information to the world, and have the ability to lead proudly international development as a Japanese individual in international society.


Priority on nurturing individuals with an international mindset

  • Improve practical English proficiency. Aim to bolster third and fourth grade pass rates for Eiken Pre-2 grade, and fifth and sixth grade pass rates for Pre-1 grade by 10% compared to the current status. Endeavor to raise the number of students who pass at Pre-1 grade by 10% annually.
  • We aim to enhance international exchanges by boosting the cooperation project between high schools and universities with the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, and accepting students from the Australian study trip exchange schools, and high school students from America, while implementing the "lecture for high schools" provided by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We foster students who can play an active role internationally.
  • We provide opportunities for students to make presentations about the English Camp (2nd grade), U.S. empowerment program in Japan (3rd/4th grades), and overseas study tour (5th grade), etc. in front of the entire student body. We support students in improving their presentation and information sharing skills by participating in external speech and drama contests.